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An Evening with Third Eye Blind - Reviewed

- Mitch West

Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind Photo Credit: @thatonemitchkid

Thursday, April 6th, 2023 was a truly magical experience brought on by Third Eye Blind during their stop at Omaha, NE Orpheum Theatre. Third Eye Blind is an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1993 consisting of Stephan Jenkins (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kevin Cadogan (lead guitar), Arion Salazar (bass guitar), and Brad Hargreaves (drums). They are best known for their debut album, Third Eye Blind, which was released in 1997 and spawned the hit singles "Semi-Charmed Life", "Jumper", and "How's It Going to Be". The band has released five more studio albums, the most recent of which is Ursa Major (2018). Third Eye Blind has sold over 10 million records worldwide and has won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. This was the band's 20th stop during their 'An Evening With Third Eye Blind' theatre tour which launched on March 10th in New Orleans, LA. No opener, no feature just an intimate evening with the boys of Third Eye Blind and their fans. That's all it needed to be. The stage setup may look familiar for those who saw Third Eye Blind perform in 2022. White aspen branches canvassed the stage. You and the band were one with nature. A light continuous flow of fog filled the air as fans made their way to their seats. At 9:00 pm sharp the lights went down and screaming echoed throughout the theatre. Their set that night was made up of three parts starting with their first song of the night 'Can You Take Me' off of the band's 2009s album 'Ursa Major' and ending with 'The Background' from the band's 1997 self-titled album.

Third Eye Blind Acoustic Set Photo Credit: @thatonemitchkid

The second part of their show was an intimate acoustic set that gave the crowd a glimpse of what sitting in their living room for songwriting and jam sessions might be like. Lead singer Stephan Jenkins started off the set having the stage to himself singing a cover of Taminos 'Persephone' from his 2019 album 'Amir'. Soon after the rest of the band pulled up some seats and joined him. The rest of the show's second portion was made up of 7 songs starting with 'I Want You' from the band's 1997 self-titled record and ending with 'The Background' also from Third Eye Blind's 1997 self-titled album. This part of the show pulled at your heartstrings.

With part three, the crowd got back up on their feet dancing in their seats and into the isles with 'Motorcycle Drive-by' off Third Eye Blinds 1997's self-titled album. Lasers cut through the smoke inviting the crowd into a nostalgic dream state of mind letting us disconnect from all the negative shit out there. The set ended with the band's encore for that night. We didn't want to leave. At this moment we all shared in The Orpheum that night everything was ok. It was a safe place where everyone was together to vibe with one another. That night we were all one. It didn't matter who any of us were, where we came from, what we believed in, or what party we favored. We were all together that night and it was Third Eye Blind who reminded us we were all human to enjoy and take care of Only a handful of dates are one another. Only a handful of dates left of 'An Evening With Third Eye Blind Tour'. The next stops are Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona with the last two dates in California wrapping up in Pala, CA on 4/15.

*Last Updated 4.30.23*


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