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"the CEOs of Midwestern Funk" The Whips

- Molly Foster

The Whips, based out of Lawrence, Kansas, have been all over the country this summer, bringing the funk to each city they play. Max Cooper, Max Indiveri, Quinn Cosgrove, and Miles Patterson make up the pop-funk band who recently released their newest single I Think I'm Gonna Die. on June 2nd. They also released their music video on June 6th, which was shot and edited by the boys themselves.

Photo Credit: @mfoster_photo

One of my favorite qualities about The Whips is how, especially during live performances, they bring in several different voices and instruments aside from their own. During their most recent hometown performance at The Granada in Lawrence, they brought several different singers and musicians, such as Malek Azreal & The Vibez, Tre’ Mutava, and other talented artists who are also some of the band's closest friends (Hailey Burgess, Rachel Currie, Anna Duntz, Trevor Phillippe, and more). I had never seen a band that brings in as many outside people as The Whips do, but I think it adds more than just talent and excitement to their show. It portrays how tight-knit and loving this group is. They don’t perform for the money or the attention, they perform because they love what they do and they don’t only want to share it with the audience but share the stage with whoever they can.

Photo Credit @mfoster_photo

In their newest single, the song combines several genres of music and features some Whips familiars, Lucy Brock and LyMerrick. Brock comes in as a more pop-funk style, singing alongside the Maxs as well as being featured with her solo portion. Brock has been performing with The Whips for years now and also is featured on Go Fix Yourself from their 2021 EP. Adding her voice to “I Think I’m Gonna Die” adds another dimension to the lyrics. Listeners now have the perspective of the female in the relationship and what her views are, as well as how she feels and if she thinks she also could die from the love. LyMerrick’s rap portion of the song came as more of a surprise to me, but I am completely obsessed with it. LyMerrick is the lead in his band Supermoto and his voice is perfect for a song like this. He brings in lyrical metaphors that, being rapped, give the song a whole new vibe. Creating a triple-genre song is something I feel only The Whips could pull off, and they pulled it off exceptionally well.

They start their tour back up on June 9th in Atlanta and play for about a month, ending their tour in Austin, Texas. After that, they have a few more sets around the US, including Logging Days Fest and Fawn Fun Fest, back by popular demand. Although the fall hasn’t been planned yet, I’m sure we will see a lot more of The Whips, and hopefully, they’ll join us back in Lincoln! For now, check out their newest single, follow them on social media, and grab tickets to a city near you so you can stay up to date with the funkiest band in the Midwest.


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