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Falling Through April - Interviewed

by Mitch West

Photo Credit: TAG Publicity

If you like to rock cross your fingers The Worlds Away Tour will make a stop near you. This tour packs a one-two punch featuring headlining act Falling Through April and supporting act Hazen. Falling Through April is a four-piece rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band was formed in 2016 and consists of vocalist and guitarist Michael Caracciolo, bassist and backing vocalist Matt Caracciolo, drummer and percussionist Ryan Caracciolo, and keyboardist and backing vocalist Ben Caracciolo. The band's music is a mix of indie rock, pop, and electronica. To date, they've released two albums, "The Space Between" (2018) and "The Space Between (Reimagined)" (2020). We had a chance to ask FTA a few questions before their show this Friday, September 30th in Omaha, NE at The Beach House Bar & Grill.

How did you come up with the name Falling Through April and find the sound?

"When the founding members were putting the band together, they had a different name. However, when some of those musicians didn’t work out, it felt like things were falling apart. They found new musicians and decided to give the band a new name. This happened in April. Our sound is always changing. We all have similar and different styles that we organically layout in a day in the studio and if we all love it, then we hit record."

You all come from a lot of musical influences from within the family. How important were your local music scenes and how may they have influenced your music?

Mikaela: I was raised in Sacramento California which had a huge underground rock scene and open mics at coffee shops where I started sharing my original songs at the age of 14. We began as a band out of Charlotte that has a large supportive group of music lovers. And now we are exploring Tampa where we’ve had some great experiences in the community.

Jerome: Local music scene wasn't introduced to me until I went on a warped tour in 2015, ever since then I go to my favorite band's concerts yearly if possible! It shows me the possibilities of what a REAL show can be!

Jim: I noticed there was a void. I wasn’t hearing or experiencing what I wanted to personally hear. I’ve always been attracted to catchy pop music. Most local music seemed to be more indie and hardcore. It helped drive me to work with like-minded individuals who wanted to craft radio-ready pop/rock/metal songs.

Dan: I grew up in Baltimore during a time when the local music scene was incredible in/around that area. The culture of the local scene there was very inclusive. Lots of people help each other in various ways. It helped to build my professionalism and showmanship.

Sharing the stage with some damn good rock bands like Pop Evil, Adelitas Way, Theory of a Deadman, The Pretty Reckless, Breaking Benjamin, etc. What are some of the things you've learned from those bands and past or present, who would you kill to share the stage with? go on tour with? etc.?

Mikaela: I’ve personally enjoyed watching how professional and solid a team theory camp is. Seeing their big production was exciting and opened my eyes to future goals for our band. The next band I’d kill to share a stage with is PVRIS or Halsey. Love their unique sounds and messages in their songs.

Jim: The best lesson was about attitude and how you treat others. There is always time to be kind, humble, and generous. I would love to tour with Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, and Motley Crue.

Dan: The awesome part of touring with bigger bands is that there is always something to learn. Whether it is how they handle merch, load in/out, lighting rigs, etc. and everyone does things just a little bit differently so we get to take the best parts of each for our on style/needs. The Theory camp was so awesome to tour with. The whole band and everyone in their crew treated us like we’d been childhood best friends. I would easily tour with them again. I’d love to do a run with PVRIS or Thrice.

What advice would you give to those future rockers? Are kids just now starting to rock out?

Mikaela: I’d tell the kids to never quit those music lessons, find their skill and take it on full force with a professional mindset because this world will always need music.

Jerome: Hone your craft whilst in middle and high school. The younger the better. Before you have REAL responsibilities as an adult. So that way, by the time you're on your own, you can immediately jump on musical opportunities that come your way

Jim: Be willing to explore a variety of music, especially from the past 75 years.

Dan: Take your time and practice a bunch. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or connect with more experienced musicians to gain knowledge that took them years to learn. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You have to make opportunities happen.

To the person seeing a Falling Through show for the first time, what can they expect?

Mikaela: When you see Falling Through April live, you’ll get so many versions of us in one night. So many styles of songs to vibe with.

Jerome: High energy, great vibes, great times. Also, real interaction after the show!!!

Jim: A damn good time!

Dan: We love performing. High energy, crowd participation during songs… Anything goes and you never know what’s going to happen. It is a unique experience every time!

Photo Credit: TAG Publicity

*Updated 4.30.23*


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