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For The Fallen Dreams- Reviewed

- Jacqueline Radakovich

For The Fallen Dreams Show Poster Photo Credit: Mahoney's Irish Pub

For The Fallen Dreams (FTFD) is a metal band from Michigan that brought their tour to Council Bluffs, Iowa at Mahoney’s Irish Pub. FTFD is on a short headlining tour with 3 dates and Council Bluffs was lucky to be the first night. FTFD was joined by 3 Nebraska local bands including, From This Day Forward (abbreviated FTDF; confusing a bit, I know), Endless, and The World Without Us. This show was loud and energetic, and the local bands got to show their talent, which there was a lot of. For The Fallen Dreams produce passionate and aggressive metal, and they are always trying to improve their sound. They pride themselves on constant self-progression and adaptability in music. This band was founded in 2003 and has come a long way since then becoming a staple in the midwestern metal community and gaining themselves a following.

The World Without Us performed first kicking off the night. TWWU is a Lincoln-based metal-core band that rocks hard and incorporates intimacy into its music and lyrics. Drew is the lead vocalist on stage with bassist Brett Larsen, Cole Yeager on drums, Dustin Johns on guitar, and Isaac Garcia on guitar. They came out energetic and ready to rock. They were a great band to open the night as they got people hyped and were super fun to watch. Drew is goofy and passionate on stage which I love to see. His vocals were strong and loud, and he poured passion into this as well. There were some kids in the crowd, getting their first dose of a metal show and I think it is safe to say they loved it! Brett Larsen was another interesting individual on stage. He did not let anyone get in his way on stage and rocked hard. Sound-wise, I think they specifically shined through togetherness and the rhythm guitar had a good sound. The drummer, Cole Yeager, is also involved with The Zooey’s and it was awesome to see his metal drumming skills. I would have liked to see all their performance, but the majority I did see was entertaining and loud. You can find them on streaming services and be sure to listen to their newest album “Silver Tongues”!

Endless Photo Credit: @jrad.arts

Endless is a band based in Omaha, Nebraska and they are a metal band. They consist of vocals, bass, guitar, and drums. They seemed to be super comfortable on stage and were happy to be there. They were very supportive of the other bands that were performing and displayed rock, kindness, and passion. There was a kid in the crowd for this show too, and he looked to be having the time of his life. I love that these bands are getting the next generation started early! Their sound made me think of classic 90s, and 00s rock turned metal. It sounds odd, but their sound immediately clicked in my ears, and I was intrigued. They played well together, and I was impressed by the vocalist’s sound. He reminds me of the vocalist from Tool. They spread good vibes and kindness through their music while still being a metalcore band. They have one single out on Spotify “Cutting Ties”, and you can find them @Endless.Band.Official

Bobby Wright of FTDF Photo Credit: @jrad.arts

From This Day Forward was the third band of the night and did not disappoint. FTDF is an electronic hardcore band from Omaha consisting of 5 members, Bobby Wright on vocals, Jesse Little on bass, Eddie Deets on lead guitar, Cole Buckley on rhythm guitar, and Mikey Donnelly on drums. We had the pleasure of reviewing Bobby Wright and Jesse Little’s hip-hop project, GarageSale, last month. It was fun to see them on stage in a different context and see their main project. FTDF released their first album in 2019 “Restoration” and has grown considerably since then. They had a great crowd during their set, and everyone was hyped to see them perform. This performance comes shortly after the release of their second album, “Play Me When You’re Sad”, so they played several hits off that album. Bobby Wright has extremely impressive vocals for his age and experience, and it is fun to watch him do what he loves. He brings the same passion he did for GarageSale if not more. Eddie Deets shreds the guitar and has a smile on his face while he does it. This was Jesse’s first time performing with FTDF on stage, but you would think he has been doing this for years. He has a natural stage presence and gives it his all. Their sound would not be complete without Cole’s rhythm and Mikey’s backbone. The moral of this story is that FTDF is super passionate about its music, and you can physically see it on stage. They rock hard, hype up the crowd, and give it their all. They all play with a smile on their faces, and you can hear it in their performance. They play well together, and their sound is fantastic, with few mistakes in between. It is notable how they mix metal with electronic elements to create their own music and play their own electronic tracks for each song. FTDF is entertaining to watch and left the crowd wanting more. You can see them perform at some of their upcoming shows: Fright Night in Council Bluffs, and Cosmic Eye in Lincoln, kicking off their tour in November. Also, be sure to check out their new album on Spotify or Apple Music!

Chad Ruhling of For The Fallen Dreams Photo Credit: @jrad.arts

For The Fallen Dreams was the headlining act of the night. As I mentioned before, FTFD is an aggressive metal band from Michigan that prides itself on its adaptability and inevitability to change. Without changing their sound, they try to add and change elements of their music, which keeps their fans on their feet. This also gives them a chance to appeal to different audiences. They are on a short, 3-day headlining tour and then will be joining Monuments on their tour. The tour follows the release of their self-titled album that came out earlier this year. This was the first night of their tour, so they came out filled with energy. What immediately stood out to me about FTFD was their drummer, Marc Esses. The drums are an essential part of metal bands, but an even more essential part of this specific metal band. Esses went crazy on the drums and performed some of the best percussion I have seen in a while. He rocked hard and not only performed musically but physically and even provided backup vocals. Chad Ruhlig’s vocals are so nice to listen to as his singing is great, but his screaming is better. He is interactive with the crowd and passionate in his singing. Their lyrics are intimate and have meaning. Their guitarists were fun to watch, sounded great, and provided some sick riffage. I found myself not wanting to leave, and I would credit this to watching Marc and Chad bring their sound together. Marc has a great rhythm and can handle the pressure of performing. Chad’s vocals were definitely an asset added to the band several years ago, and I believe they will do great on their tour. They have definitely earned a name in the metal community, and I was glad to see them perform. You can see them throughout the next month on their tour with Monuments and be sure to check out their latest self-titled album.

This show was packed with great bands, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and it seemed like the crowd did too. It was loud, aggressive, and entertaining. Each band showed their talent and passion on stage and each one brought their own elements to the show. It seemed to run smoothly enough, and the sound was good. The Fallen Dreams kicked off their tour and 3 local bands were able to make their mark in the community. If you missed this show, you still have time to get to a From This Day Forward show, or For the Fallen Dreams tour with Monuments. Also, be sure to check out all these bands' latest albums or projects!


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