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The Fourth Album - Reviewed

- Jacqueline Radakovich

'The Fourth Album' by Bourbon House cover Photo Credit: TAG Publicity

The Fourth Album Tracklist

10. Devil on My Heels Acoustic- Live

11. High Road Gypsy Acoustic - Live

The bluesy rock n roll band Bourbon House released their fourth studio album, The Fourth Album, on March 17, 2023. Bourbon House was founded in 2017 by guitarist Jason Clark and vocalist Lacey Crowe it wasn't until 2018 that they released their first album. They were inspired by some of their favorite bands, such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Managed under their own label, Steel Jacket Records, Bourbon House has only risen since their debut, with each album getting better and more unique. Some previous accomplishments include making Classic Rock Magazine’s “Hot List” and being named one of 15 Rising Rock Bands by music journalist Matt Wake. Bourbon House is an interesting band that is worth a listen and might change your perspective. They are great at songwriting, as they try to create an “escape” through their music and sing about important and broad topics.

The Fourth Album includes many of Bourbon House’s signature guitar riffs and strong

vocals but is unique from their previous albums. Guitarist Jason Clark said, “We’re always trying to outdo ourselves, and I think The Fourth Album is our best yet.” I agree with this statement as their previous albums are good, but this new album is unique to the ears and catches the attention of the listener. Lacey Crowe’s vocals are amazingly strong, and you can feel her passion for music in the way she sings. Her bluesy and slightly raspy voice gives the band a bluesy feel that gives country music vibes to it. The music itself is not country but has some elements that can also catch the attention of country music fans. This makes their music a focal point for not only rock and roll listeners. Having a female vocalist also makes this band more unique, as many rock and roll bands have male lead vocalists.

The Fourth Album starts off with “Resonate,” which was a pre-album single that caught

the eye of Matt Wake and other Rock magazines. “Resonate” was a good choice to be the first song on the album as it jumps right into hard, passionate rock and roll. It gives the listener a great idea of what they will be listening to throughout the album. Crowe’s vocals are especially strong in this song, and I can see why it caught the attention of critics. The second song, “Love is a Killer,” starts with a strong, catchy guitar riff that entices listeners. Crowe’s vocals with Clark’s guitar skills create a dynamic duo that you can’t dislike. We also cannot forget to mention the rhythmic drums throughout the album that are not too overpowering but strong enough to give the music an even bigger kick.

The last two songs on the album, “Devil on My Heels-Acoustic” and “High Road Gypsy-

Acoustic,” are live and acoustic versions of their songs. I really appreciated these songs because you can hear the band in their raw form and can appreciate the talent of these musicians. It proves the band can perform and has raw talent, not relying on sound engineering and/or autotune. They are great songs to end the album, and “High Road Gypsy” is a great choice for the closing song. It is slow and strong but still enjoyable and feels like the end of a long, fun road trip. Some honorable mentions include “Villain,” “20 to Life,” and “Out For Blood.” These are fan favorites, and “Villain” was my personal favorite song on the album. It is hard to compare this band to other bands as they have unique sounds and mix genres. However, this is nice to see because many bands can just be copies of their inspirations. Bourbon House, however, is unique and takes elements from different genres to make their own music that no one has heard before. The Fourth Album will definitely give Bourbon House a strong presence in the following year, and I will be upset if they do not. Lacey Crowe’s vocals deserve to be heard.


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