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Weed The Wizard Debut - Reviewed

by Mitch West

This isn't just a review or only an article, it's both. I didn't even plan to write anything at all about this show. Initially, I went to support my friend, Tyson, aka Weed The Wizard, but shortly after the first artist hit the stage, I knew I had to write a few words! Friday, Jan. 27th at The Storm Cellar in Lincoln, NE was a night filled with friends, family, good vibes, and a celebration of local Hip Hop. It was hosted by the headliner himself Weed The Wizard with Dj Swayd from on the 1's and 2's maintaining the vibe throughout the night.

First up was Joey, aka Ynotlwc. He took the mic and turned the energy up to 11. Right away, he captured the attention of everyone in the room and drew people forward to hear what he had to say. As he said, "I talk about the past, the present, and the future. Music and God turned my life around." Following his set, he did what all artists do and interacted with those in attendance, making sure everyone knew where to find him online. I'm very excited to see where he goes and am very confident in saying that he'll be around for quite some time! You can find Ynotlwc on YouTube, Instagram, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and of course, on stage around Lincoln's music scene. Support Ynotlwc HERE

Second up was Millie Lane. Before the first song hit the speakers, he gave everyone a proper warning, "If you haven't seen me perform, I like to go fucking crazy." He did just that, using every inch of the stage, even bringing the show down and into the crowd later on. "There can't be enough opportunity for local hip hop," he said later, and we couldn't agree more. Give a listen to some Millie Lane on Apple Music when you get a chance HERE.

Third to hit the stage was Jakobii Miller. "I'm hella energetic, so stand up! Stand up! Stand up!" The crowd followed those orders and came to the stage and held up their phones. Some of the songs were still a work in progress, but he still wanted the crowd to get a snippet. Jakobii rocked NBA Hall of Famer Steph Curry's 30 jerseys during his set. Steph definitely would have been rocking Jakobii's set. His lyrics were both honest and truthful, leaving no room to hide. One high-energy performer. We're pretty excited to see where this dude goes and how much he'll progress in music. Check out more HERE

Finally, the moment we were there for had arrived and the night's headliner 'Weed The Wizard' hit the stage. Only recently has Weed The Wizard hit Lincoln's music scene, but he has been writing for years. In a very short amount of time, he's already been turning heads, making moves, and lasting impressions gaining traction around the country. This MC didn't disappoint. I can very confidently say, as long as this dude stays the course and keeps cranking songs out, he'll go from a local name to something much bigger. Every song he performed was rich in lyrical depth and extremely intricate. He has a knack for wordplay. Some were still a work in progress of course but he debuted for the first time quite literally finishing some of them the day of the show. His last song of the night was called 'Construction Paper'. Immediately that ASMR kicks in and you remember the smell of that paper and what cutting into a fresh piece is like. The notes I wrote down about this show were on a purple piece of construction paper.... maybe it's a sign!

We'll be doing a larger piece about The Storm Cellar later and the magical crew person behind it, but for now, do yourself a favor and get down there. Click HERE to see what they have going on!

*Updated 4.30.23*


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