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Yam Haus - Interviewed

- Molly Foster

Yam Haus Photo Credit: Yam Haus

Minnesota indie-pop band Yam Haus rocked the Bourbon Theatre on Wednesday, November 15th, 2023. During their co-headlining tour with Sawyer, they’ve done over twenty shows with only a few to go, ending in their hometown of the Twin Cities. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about the band, their music, and what’s in store. Yam Haus is made up of Lars Pruitt, Zach Beinlicj, and Jake Felstow. Lars and Zach met in High School and played hockey together, whereas they both met Jake later in college. They started having jam sessions, Jake hopped in as the drummer, and “the rest is history.” They are managed by Wilspro, booked through Paladin Artists, and under the record label Big Loud Rock.

Yam Haus at Bourbon Theatre November 15th, 2023 Photo Credit: @mfoster_photo

Frontman Lars Pruitt said he fell in love with music when “American Idiot, came out when [he] was in fourth grade.” He loved how music unlocks the ability to create with freedom, from power chords to whole songs. Before Covid, Yam Haus sold out First Avenue in Minneapolis, which seats 1550 and is one of the most iconic clubs in the band's eyes, as well as for many midwesterns. Pruitt also mentioned that if he could see any band live he would see Nirvana there in 1991. Being able to fill a venue like that surrounded by their hometown as a local band who had never toured made them feel like “the sky was the limit.” After Covid, they toured as an opener for Blue October in the fall of 2021. They got to drive around the country for three months straight, “load in, play...load out” night after night, and they loved it! Described as one of their favorite memories, especially with the sightseeing and good food. Touring does come with extra hard work, though. “Touring is a grind, and anybody who does it for their job, we have the utmost respect for,” Pruitt said.

In the Spring of 2023, Yam Haus came to Lincoln for the first time and said it was one of their favorites. The small room sold out, so they moved into the big room with an “electric crowd” and left with a “magical” memory. A fan even knitted them Yam Haus scarves and gave them to the band. As of right now Little Contradictions is their favorite song to

perform live, but they do have their debut album coming out next year! Make sure to stay up to date so you don’t miss their album, tour, or anything else Yam Haus is up to!


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